DARE COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) — A spokesperson for Dare County Schools says, significant progress has been reported regarding efforts to remove mold and improve air quality at First Flight Elementary School and First Flight Middle School.

After an inspection of both school buildings on Thursday, Builder Services North Carolina developed an equipment location map and began installing and running dehumidification equipment.

Dare school officials say the ongoing effort has significantly improved the measured humidity levels throughout both schools.

Once proper humidity levels were established, crews began the process of cleaning air
ducts and furniture using HEPA-vacuums. Crews also strategically placed air-scrubbers throughout the buildings for air purification.

Currently, Dare County Schools is waiting for the results of samples collected across the buildings by an industrial hygienist.

According to school officials, the Incident Response Team met Friday to review Builder Services progress report and will continue to receive status updates during virtual meetings held on Sunday and Monday.