COROLLA, N.C. (WNCN) – A Corolla wild horse yearling died after choking on an apple given to him by humans, an advocacy group said.

The colt, named “Danny,” died Friday after what the Corolla Wild Horse Fund said was days of suffering with an apple stuck in its esophagus.

“Danny was killed by humans who had no regard for the safety of the horses. No regard for the health of the horses. No regard for the laws put in place to protect the horses,” the group posted to Facebook.

A veterinarian helped members of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund try and save Danny’s life once the apple was able to pass – but other serious injuries were discovered.

Those injuries were too much for Danny to overcome.

“It was absolute hell for Danny to suffer through,” Corolla Wild Horse Fund said.

The group asks for people to not just stop feeding the horses, but to also stop touching and interacting with them.

“If the horses come up to you, walk away. Secure your belongings on the beach. Pick up your garbage. Call and report infractions that you witness,” the group said.