COROLLA, N.C. (WAVY) — A new foal has been welcomed into the fold in Corolla, N.C.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund announced the birth of little Amelia, the third Colonial Spanish Mustang to be born in the northern Outer Banks in 2020.

Amelia was born Friday night. She and her mother appear to be doing well, according to the CWHF.

The CWHF can confirm the birth of two other foals in the last month.

A female foal named Alma was born in early April. She is the first born of her mother, Orlanda. Her father’s name is Rambler.

A little boy was the first foal born in Corolla in 2020. His name is Arturo, and he was born to mother North Star. Arturo is special because his lineage can be traced back to several generations of Colonial Spanish Mustangs.

Foals born in 2020 will receive “A” names in honor of Amadeo, a beloved wild horse that died in March. Amadeo was blind and lived to his mid-30s. He had been rescued 7 years ago during a fight with another stallion.

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