CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WNCN) – Joe Biden’s campaign, as President Donald Trump appeared in Charlotte, launched several new ads that feature Rocky Mount.

It’s part of a push to get voters in more rural communities in North Carolina to vote for Biden. The campaign tells the story of small business owners like Celeste Beatty.

“You wake up everyday just determined to keep going,” Beatty said in the ad.

The craft brewer is not just focused on the stresses of owning a business but, as she explained to CBS 17, the stress of the times, as well.

“With the pandemic, with social injustice, I just believe he has the best voice and best background and temperament to really bring people together,” she said.

Beatty also talked about her inability to get a Paycheck Protection Program loan. The federal program was designed to help protect businesses like hers during the pandemic.

“I applied for the loans and I just didn’t get it. I saw some really huge companies that were customers of mine get millions of dollars. In the meantime, I’m just doing what I can to survive,” she said in the the ad.

Beatty’s business, Harlem Brew South, has managed to survive so far. She attributed that to local leadership and the backbone that keeps small-town America going.

“A lot of collaboration. There’s been a tremendous amount of neighbors and friends, businesses next door, people all around the city coming together, working with local farmers. Every aspect of every level of entrepreneur,” she said.

They are people who are unified to keep her town and county moving forward — a unity that Beatty feels much of the country is lacking.

“You really have to be able to talk to all people. And you have to be able to listen,” she said at the end of the ad.