LEXINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — While Jayden Smith may no longer be here physically, the Lexington community is making sure her legacy is never forgotten.

Jo Ann Wilson, the organizer for Saturday’s Riding for Jayden Event is just one of many people in Lexington, carrying that torch. Although she and her husband William never met Jayden, they still felt the call to do something.

“I’m not going to forget Jayden’s name, I’ll never quit speaking of Jayden, I wish I could’ve met her and gotten to know her, she is very similar in age to my oldest granddaughter, so I mean just because the event’s over doesn’t mean that Jayden will ever be forgotten.”

76 motorcycles and 11 vehicles all came together for the 62-mile ride through Davidson County in honor of Jayden.

The crash happened on June 21 just before 10 a.m. near Fairway Drive in Lexington. According to officers, a 2010 Pontiac G6 had crashed into the back of a North Carolina Department of Transportation truck parked on the road so state crews could remove storm debris.

Amber Whitaker is accused of driving while under the influence of methadone, according to court documents. Witnesses on the scene said that Whitaker nearly hit a pedestrian and ran a stop sign before the crash, and officers on the scene say they observed her nodding off during questioning.

“She needs to know that there is people out there that care even know we don’t know them personally,” said William.

The Freedom Cruisers Riding Club Chapter 143 helped to raise $3,000 for Jayden’s family.