JAMESTOWN, N.C. (WGHP) — While investigating a noise complaint in Jamestown, Guilford County Animal Control and High Point Police found more than 20 dogs inside the backyard of a homeowner’s resident, two of which were dead and being eaten by the other pets.

The discovery happened on Monday after homeowners on Morris Farm Drive reported the dogs were barking non-stop.

Neighbor Sheldon Fredrickson told FOX8 he called about the noise concern on Friday night but had no luck due to the time of the complaint.

“Overbearing. Barking. Crying” is how he described it. He said that his neighbor had not been home since Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, he took a video of his neighbor’s backyard and saw several dogs chewing at another dog who appeared dead. A second dog was reportedly also found dead in the backyard.

At one part of the video, there are 20 small black dogs visible in the backyard of the house.

Fredrickson said his 2-year-old son had to witness it.

“It was so disturbing. My wife was bailing, because my little son was yelling and pointing out saying ‘Dogs are bad.’”

On Monday and Tuesday, High Point Police Animal Control and Guilford County Animal Control were seen outside the house. There were also large dog crates placed outside the house.

Guilford County Animal Control would not comment on the situation but confirmed they did respond to the scene. High Point Police have also not released a comment on their findings, how many dogs were recovered or where the animals are now.

FOX8 has tried to reach out to the homeowners, but they have not been available to comment.