EDENTON, N.C. (WAVY) — A new law prohibiting a popular vehicle modification is now in effect in North Carolina.

The “Carolina Squat” law (NCGS 20-135.4) prohibits a private passenger vehicle (including those registered out-of-state) from being operated in or upon a highway or public vehicular area if the height of the front fender of the automobile is, by alteration of the suspension, frame, or chassis, 4 or more inches greater than the height of the rear fender, as measured from the ground, through the centerline of the wheel, to the bottom of the fender.

Some say this is dangerous because the driver is positioned well above the front of the truck with a view obstructed by the angle of the vehicle. The driver is not able to see down the road or cars just in front of their truck, critics of the design say.

At the moment, the manufacturer’s specified height of any passenger vehicle “cannot be elevated or lowered more than 6 inches, ‘either in front or back,’ without the prior written approval of the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.”

Under this new law, anyone who violates it 3 or more times will have their driver’s license revoked for at least a year.