KITTY HAWK, N.C. (WAVY) – An internal investigation into the deadly shooting of a dog by a Kitty Hawk police officer is complete.

WAVY News 10 first reported on the shooting a week ago. Since then, the District Attorney reviewed this case and found the actions of the officer were “warranted and justified.”

Investigators say an officer responded to the 4000 block of Smith Street on October 1 in response to a 911 call about a dog running at large that was being aggressive towards children.

As the officer was walking down the owner’s driveway, the dog came out from under the house and bit the officer multiple times, according to the Kitty Hawk P.D.

The officer fired upon the animal to stop the attack.

Police said while there is no body camera video, there were multiple eyewitnesses to the incident, and surveillance video showing the dog being aggressive.

Although an internal investigation is not required in a case like this, Kitty Hawk Police said it wanted to “gain a full understanding of what occurred” and determine if the officer’s actions were justified.

Police say they’ve responded to this home 14 times in the past for calls regarding aggressive dogs. Officers have issued verbal warnings, written warnings, and state citations.

Even after the Oct. 1 incident, Kitty Hawk Police say they continue to receive complaints about the same owner’s other dog running at large and intimidating neighbors.