OUTER BANKS, N.C. (WAVY) – The Future of the Futuro House in Frisco is in limbo, but it’s looking bright!

The famous “UFO House” burned down last month, and now some people on the Outer Banks of North Carolina are working together to help another UFO land on Hatteras Island.

The original structure landed on Hatteras Island in 1972 when Mr. Bagwell purchased the unique tiny home. It was too small for someone to live in, so Bagwell parked the ship where others could enjoy it.

The structure was later moved to its current location off of Highway 12 in Frisco. Many vacationers have enjoyed visiting the ship over the years and were devastated when it burned down.

The cause of the fire from late October is still under investigation.

“I think everybody misses it,” said Leroy Reynolds. “Nobody is ready to get rid of it and they want me to continue.”

The community has dubbed Reynolds the resident alien. He’s never lived in the ship, but instead watches over the spacecraft. You also might’ve seen him dancing around in an alien suit if you’ve ever stopped by the roadside attraction.

“People would say who are you? Are you an actor? And I would say no I’m just a normal person, trying to make people smile,” Reynolds said.

The beloved property was one of about 60 known Futuro properties around the world and was the only property in North Carolina.

“It created a lot of memories for people,” said Reynolds. “People would come here sunburnt and still laughing.”

Reynolds has been in contact with the Futuro team to hopefully build a new one on the island. “It’s gonna happen, one way or another,” Reynolds said.

Local photographer Wes Snyder said this structure was a very important landmark for the Outer Banks.

“Such a staple is just gone, erased from history,” Snyder. “So much of the Outer Banks is changing all the time. It’s hard to keep those long-standing landmarks around here, with the storms that happen and everything else that changes the environment, the geography, it’s nice to be able to keep those kinds of things.”

Snyder said his specialty is in the stars, and they’re very visible on Hatteras Island, especially over the UFO House.

“I discovered that the Milky Way is actually right over the ship,” Snyder said.

Snyder wanted to do something to help, so he created a GoFundMe to help with replacement costs. It has a goal of raising $179,500.

Reynolds said he didn’t want to create a fundraiser to help replace the UFO because he didn’t want to seem like he was asking for money. In fact, he said he’s never done it for the money and is still not doing it for the money.

He said if a new property comes to town, he wants to collect donations to give back to the community since the community is rallying around him now.

“We need something to smile about,” Reynolds said. “After a hurricane, there’s all kinds of things that money could be good for.”

Now that Reynolds has been in touch with the Futuro Group, he says he plans to travel to their home base in Ohio soon to discuss options and costs for replacing the ship.