RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — There’s less than a month until Election Day and only several hours until the voter registration deadline passes in North Carolina.

The deadline is at 5 p.m. Friday, October 9.

Dozens of people turned out to the Board of Elections Office on Thursday to make sure their voice and vote will be heard.

Some people registered to vote for the first time saying they want to see a change. Others stopped by the Board of Elections Office to hand-deliver their absentee ballots.

“We saw it get turned in so we know it’s there and there are no problems so we can just go about our day and be happy,” said Eveline Muela.

In an election unlike any other, officials are seeing an uptick in people registering before the deadline.

“I know we’ve been working with our partners within the United States Postal System and they have been working, same as we have, day and night, and on the weekends trying to get everything in,” said Gary Sims, Director of Elections for Wake County.

You can register to vote in person, by mail or online.

The in-person early voting period starts Thursday, October 15, and ends Saturday, October 31

People say it doesn’t matter how you do it as long as it gets done.

“It’s so important this time because it’s really a vote for democracy. I really feel like everything is on the line,” said Elaine Walsh.

Officials say there are also covid guidelines in place for people visiting the Board of Elections Office in person, such as face coverings, social distancing and not sharing supplies like pens.

Virginia’s deadline to register is Tuesday, October 13.