EDENTON, N.C. (WAVY) — On Oct. 17 around 4 p.m., Edenton Police Department responded to shots fired in the 700 block of Dr. MLK Jr. Avenue.

After investigation, EPD said an unknown individual fired several rounds of gunshots that was captured on video and a gunshot detection system. No injuries or property damage have been reported, however, EPD believes the victim’s vehicle was struck, officials said.

EPD has determined that this is a feud between the gangs 4L and LBM, officials said.

On Oct. 19 with the help of the Chowan County Sheriff’s Office, EPD located the suspect’s sedan, from LBM.

EPD has tried to contact the victim from 4L, in addition to locating their vehicle, so that investigators can get their account of what happened or who they saw, police said.

However, the victim refuses to make contact, police said.

This case is still ongoing, and EPD has contacted the NCSBI to assist.

“So often, EPD hears in our stressed communities: ‘just do your job.'” EDP stated, in a release. “This is a perfect example of EPD doing the job, but we must all do our job as citizens to better our community. We would love to see the longstanding ‘no-snitch’ policy come to an end.”