GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A family and their old friend were reunited after finding out an animal they once knew was abandoned in a park with no one to care for him.

After spending a day in the Guilford County Animal Resource Center, Houdini is now in his forever home.

After knowing the previous owner, his current owner says he had no clue the seven-year-old dog needed a home until a friend pointed out a FOX8 story.

On Halloween, Houdini, who is a shepherd mix, was left alone at Country Park in Greensboro and ended up at the GCARC.

Houdini’s previous owner tells fOX8 he tried to surrender the animal at local shelters after struggling personally.

He called the SCPA and the GCARC. All they could offer was a surrender date.

The GCARC said it does not take surrendered pets without an appointment and proper paperwork.

The center’s earliest scheduled date for surrendered pets is in December because of the overpopulation of animals in the shelter and not enough adoptive families to take them in.

The owner could not wait, so he says he chose the park where he knew someone would rescue the dog.

“When they bought him out…his tail was tucked. He was kind of quivering, and I hollered his name, and he saw me…and remembered me because it’s been over a year and immediately started licking on me and loving on me and turned around and just went right between my legs and protected me like he knew this is where I’m supposed to be,” said Houdini’s new owner Brian Bailey.