Digging Deeper: Evaluating some of Trump’s claims during his rally in Lumberton, NC

North Carolina

LUMBERTON, N.C. (WBTW) — President Donald Trump held a rally in Lumberton Saturday. Here’s a look at how some of what he said stacks up against the facts.

Claim: There’s widespread mail-in ballot fraud

Facts: This is false. There has been no widespread evidence of mass voter fraud due to mail-in ballots. Trump referenced military ballots for Trump found in a trash can. A report from the Washington Post notes that nine military ballots were found in the trash, but not all of them were for Trump. What was on the other two ballots is unknown.

The reason why the ballots were discarded is unclear. The Washington Post reports that if the ballots were returned without a secrecy envelope, they may have had to have been thrown out.

Claim: We’re making deals in the Middle East.

Facts: This is true. President Trump has made several deals recently in the Middle East. The impact of these deals will be known over time.

Claim: North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper is keeping the state closed until the election

Facts: This is false. On Wednesday, Gov. Cooper extended Phase 3 for three weeks, which would already be two weeks past the election. There’s no way to say whether or not it would be extended further.

Claim: Joe Biden wants to ban fracking

Facts: This is mostly false. According to Snopes, Biden has said he wants to end new gas and oil production on federal lands, but would not ban fracking outright. Biden said 90% of fracking is done on private land, according to USA Today. The Associated Press said Biden did once say he opposed fracking, but his campaign quickly corrected him.

Biden said his long-term goal is to move away from fossil fuels, but that does not equate to an outright ban during his presidency.

Claim: Biden will raise your taxes

Facts: This is false, to a certain extent. Biden said he will not raise taxes on anyone making under $400,000 per year.

Claim: Trump brings up Hunter Biden and Ukraine

Facts: The Associated Press has not been able to independently confirm where the emails have originated from. Even if the emails are real, there’s no evidence a meeting ever took place.

Claim: Democrats will delay the COVID-19 vaccine.

Facts: This is false. There is no evidence that the democrats would delay a COVID-19 vaccine. What Joe Biden did say is that a vaccine shouldn’t be rushed out unless scientists say it’s safe.

Claim: On Nov. 4 you won’t hear about COVID anymore

Facts: This is false. COVID-19 cases are increasing across the country just weeks before the election. Dr. Fauci has also said the virus won’t just disappear, and it has been projected that there will be another spike during the fall and winter months.

Claim: We have more cases because we do more testing

Facts: This is misleading. While an increase in testing does mean an increase in cases, the percent positive rate is also increasing, meaning there is more disease spread.

If increased testing was the only reason cases were increasing, the percent positive would be going down, not up. According to Johns Hopkins, the percent positive is increasing in most states.

Claim: Trump shut out travel from China while Biden was against it

Facts: This is mostly false. Trump did restrict travel from China, but it was not an outright ban. A report by the New York Times found that 40,000 people from China still came into the United States in the two months after the restrictions went into place.

Biden tweeted in March that a ban on travel from Europe would not stop the coronavirus, but never explicitly said he was against a travel ban. In April, Biden’s campaign said that Biden backed Trump’s decision to ban travel from China, according to FactCheck.org.

Claim: Joe Biden tried to cut Medicare

Facts: This is mostly false. According to PolitiFact, Biden said in an interview in 1995 that he wanted to freeze federal spending, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Biden spoke in favor of the freezes to help reduce the deficit.

In several other instances, Biden has been in favor of increasing monthly benefits.

The Associated Press contributed to this report


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