WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — The Forsyth County District Attorney argued his case for an increased bond for a man accused of attempting to abduct a jogger last week.

Jim O’Neill filed a motion on Wednesday to increase Dylan Cody Smyers’s bond to $1 million after a woman was nearly abducted while jogging in the area of East Salem Avenue on Aug. 23. Smyers was taken into custody on Friday and charged with attempted kidnapping and sexual battery.

A judge lowered Smyers’s bond when he made his first appearance earlier this week and O’Neill filed first-degree kidnapping charges against him, increasing his bond to $250,000.

The district attorney appeared in court along with representation for Smyers, as well as the Smyers and the victim. Describing the crime as “chilling,” O’Neill argued to increase the bond, stating his belief that Smyers is a danger to the community due to the nature of the crime.

While in court, O’Neill said that the suspect told law enforcement he intended to “have sex” with the victim he allegedly followed and pulled from the sidewalk as she jogged last week.

“Given the gravity of the offense, we felt like a bond that was more in line with what I was asking for was more appropriate in these circumstances,” O’Neill said.

District Attorney Jim O’Neill is fired up about the case but he couldn’t go into exact details about the incident. He said he hopes this will send a message to anyone thinking of committing a similar crime in Forsyth County.

“If you come here, you hurt our citizens, this District Attorney’s Office, standing with law enforcement, will drop all of our resources on your head to be sure that you don’t come back here and do this again,” said O’Neill.

“I want my daughters to be able to enjoy this city and enjoy this community and not feel afraid that someone is going to jump out of a vehicle and hurt them or drag them off or accost them in their home,” said O’Neill.

Public Defender Paul James told the judge Smyers’ $250,000 bond was already higher than the recommended $100,000 bond.

Superior Court Judge Aaron Berlin sided with O’Neill, saying Smyers is a danger to the community, and this case is one that would give “any female running, nightmares.”

“If you care about the rights of women, you care about the protection and safety of women, and I’ve got two daughters of my own,” said O’Neill. “I’m going to go in there and fight hard to keep women safe in this community.”

The judge gave Smyers a $750,000 bond and ordered him to have no contact with the victim, who was in court Thursday morning but didn’t speak.

The case will be presented to a grand jury sometime in the near future and will move into superior court.