COROLLA, N.C. (WAVY) — The Corolla Wild Horse Fund just welcomed two new foals.

Officials from the organization say Benjamin, a colt, was born on April 11 and Bridget, a filly, was born on April 23. 

In a post on social media Monday, officials added that both foals are doing well with the guidance from attentive and experienced parents.

So far, the fund has welcomed five foals, one colt, three fillies, and one yet to be determined.

Billie, was born late March to father Dean and mom Imp. Billie was the name chosen since officials say they are giving “B names” this year per tradition.

Less than a week after Billie was born, the fund welcomed Betsy. Officials are giving “B names” this year per tradition.

Officials are reminding residents to keep distances from the new families, at least 50 feet minimum.

“Each one of these foals is critically important to the long-term survival of the Corolla herd. We need them to grow up healthy, strong, and wild! Please help us make sure that happens.”