WINDSOR, N.C. (WAVY/AP) — A North Carolina sheriff’s deputy is hospitalized in critical condition after his cruiser ran off a road, officials said.

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N.C. State Highway Patrol says the crash occurred just before noon on U.S. Highway 13 near Windsor, WITN reported. Officials said the cruiser driven by Bertie County Sheriff’s Deputy Colter Lipscomb, 26, hydroplaned in rainy weather, skidded into some woods and hit a ditch and some trees.

Officials said Lipscomb underwent multiple surgeries on Wednesday, adding that he is also being monitored for bleeding on the brain.

It wasn’t known if Lipscomb was responding to a call at the time of the crash.

An investigation is continuing.

10 on Your Side spoke with Lipscomb’s mother, Netta, over the phone on Saturday who says her son is improving. She says Deputy Lipscomb was taken off a ventilator on Friday.

“He’s here and breathing on his on without intervention and he’s starting to come around. It’s a miracle actually,” she said.

Lipscomb says her son has been with the Bertie County Sheriff’s Office for almost two years, following in the steps of his father, who retired from the office.

She found out about the crash from her brother who called on Wednesday after he had heard her son was involved in a serious crash. She was headed to an appointment out of town at the time.

“I called my husband and he said yeah, it’s serious. It’s bad but just pray,” she said.

Lipscomb says her husband was at the scene of the crash, which happened about two miles from their home.

She believes it’s a miracle her son is still here today because a Vident EastCare critical care ambulance just happened to see the crash site minutes after it happened.

“Them and God is what saved his life. They started administering life saving intervention,” she said.

She added that they were able to intubate and provide her son blood, while first responders extricated him from the crash. Once he was, he was taken by ambulance with the road shut down by law enforcement so he could get to Greenville.

She says she’s heard many officers saluted his ambulance upon arrival and she’s grateful not only for the support from them but the community as a whole who have been praying for them as well as making banners and stickers.

“Everyone has shown us so much support. We can’t thank everyone enough for all they’re doing and their prayers, their love for Coltor and our family,” Lipscomb said.

Lipscomb says her son graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Criminal Justice two years ago and that he loved his job. She added that he wanted to eventually work for larger law enforcement agencies like the FBI but she doesn’t know what the future holds for him now.

Deputy Lipscomb has several injuries including many broken bones and will require a number of surgeries. He will need rehab and may not be able to walk for the first couple of months.

He was awake and talking on Saturday, his mother added.

Right now, she says there is one thing the community can help them with.

“Just their prayers, that’s all we ask,” she said.