NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Newport News police will step up safety measures after a police cruiser was vandalized with an officer still inside.

10 On Your Side received a tip about a video posted on social media that shows a group of people surrounding a Newport News police cruiser. In the video, a man is standing on the car while another man hit the taillight.

Police confirm around 1:30 Sunday morning officers were called to McManus Boulevard and Turnberry Boulevard for reports of reckless driving.

An officer reported a large group was racing and doing burnouts in the road. Then a member of the group jumped onto the officer’s cruiser, and others hit the car.

Police are investigating and did not mention suspects at this time. They said Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew has been briefed about the incident but is awaiting additional information.

“Additional strategies for officer safety have been implemented as a result of the incident, including communication and officer initial response,” Drew said.