(KDVR) — Flooding never seems like a problem — at least until your car gets stuck in a foot of water and you can’t get out. But sometimes flooding is unavoidable.

If you get stuck on a flooded roadway, you should take action immediately.

What to do if your car has flood damage

When it comes to flood damage, State Farm has some tips for what you should do.

1. Don’t start the car

Starting the car might get water in your engine. By not starting your car, it will help avoid more damage.

2. Note the level of the floodwater

The higher the flood, the more likely it is to damage your car.

3. Call a tow truck

Getting your car out of the water and putting it on higher ground is key. You need a tow truck because you shouldn’t start your car, and your car will get stuck if it’s in a foot of water.

4. Air out your car

The goal is to get your car as dry as possible as fast as you can.

5. File an insurance claim

Insurance will check how much water damage your car sustained.

What to check in your flooded car

Once you file an insurance claim, the insurance company and a mechanic will check the following:

1. Interior

If your car’s been flooded, there might be standing water still in your car. They may use a vacuum and dehumidifier to get the rest of the water out of the interior.

2. Oil dipstick and cylinders

See if there’s water in your engine. Usually, water droplets on your dipstick mean there’s water in your engine. If water’s in your engine, the cylinders are water-damaged and might have corroded spots.

3. Electrical

The water damage could ruin some of the electrical components in your car. A mechanic may have to replace some electrical components.

4. Fuel tank and line

A mechanic might use a siphon pump to see if water is present in the fuel. To see if there’s water in the fuel, the water and fuel would naturally separate. If water is present, they will empty your fuel tank.

Bottom line: Turn around

Don’t try and drive through the flooded area. Turn around so your car doesn’t get stuck and potentially water-damaged.