BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– Medical and recreational marijuana became the new normal as more states decriminalized and legalized the green plant.

But how can you keep it from those who aren’t supposed to have it?

As more dispensaries opened across the Mountain State, the green plant sprouted up in people’s households. But with mary jane comes responsibility. If it gets into the wrong hands, especially children or pets, it can potentially lead to hospitalizations.

Bob Scherer, owner of Releaf Specialists said in our state if you receive medical marijuana from a dispensary, it will already be in child-resistant packaging.

“In West Virginia, it’s important to remember it’s not going to be an actual edible like a gummy or a brownie or a cookie it’s going to come in a pill or capsule form it’s going to be orally ingested by eating it or swallowing it,” said Scherer.

More companies work to find ways to make the plant not accessible to children. Some made lock and smell proof containers. Casey Efting, Director of Retail of the upcoming Greenlight Dispensary said a wireless invention tried to help curb curious children.

“People can consume cannabis oil through a cartridge which is attached to a battery. Some of these batteries are Bluetooth enables which means they can connect to your phone and you can lock and unlock them via the app,” said Efting.

Efting said you should only consume medical marijuana if it’s especially prescribed to you. Scherer said it’s time to end the stigma that views marijuana as a bad thing.

“Make sure you’re using it in a responsible way and continue to educate children that it’s not necessarily a recreational drug, it’s a medicine and we have to start educating kids young,” said Scherer.

Experts want to remind West Virginians, marijuana is illegal at the federal level and only those who hold a West Virginia medical marijuana card are allowed to use it.