MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — It was closing time at a Dollar Genera in Florida last Tuesday when employees noticed a rather unusual customer roaming around the store. The shopper wasn’t attempting to steal items or cause any commotion. It didn’t even stand on two legs.

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“So, he just walked in?” a Bradenton Police Officer asked one of the store’s employees, referencing a nearly 140-pound dog that was roaming the store after-hours.

“Yeah, like, ‘Hey I’m here to go grab something,’ and then he really just walked the whole store,” the employee can be heard telling police in body-cam video.

Deputies said the 135-pound dog, named Bentley, broke through a gate and walked a few blocks to the store, where it spent a few hours browsing.

(Bradenton Police)

Bentley’s owner realized he was missing and was grateful the store and officers looked after him.

“Fortunately, Bentley does have a microchip — or maybe a megachip,” the police department jokingly added.