(WAVY) — Planning on blowing your spending budget this Black Friday on shopping? WalletHub released a study on the best places to save to help keep your money in your pocket.

In the top spot for best retail discounts is JCPenny at 59.12%. The average discount for Black Friday is 35%, and “Apparel & Accessories” has one of the biggest shares of discounted items, 15.72% off all offers, according to the study.

Take a look at the top 10 below:

     JCPenney (59.12%)6. BJ’s (30.11%)
    2. Macy’s (58.19%)7. Best Buy (29.78%)
    3. Belk (54.76%)8. Amazon (28.48%)
    4. Kohl’s (48.81%)9. Walmart (26.88%)
    5. Target (32.70%)10. Dell (25.79%)

    If you’re looking for the best places for different types of items, take a look at the list below.

    2023 best retailers for black friday2
    Source: WalletHub

    JCPenny has the top spot for savings this Black Friday for the fifth time with Macy’s coming in second this year.

    As the holiday season continues, there are also opportunities to give back to the community. For a list of ways you can help others this season. Click here.