Tips on how to curb robo-calls


Have you gotten one of the annoying robo-calls lately?

Whether it’s your home phone or your cell phone, chances are a robo-caller has your number. Despite regulations put in place to curb the telemarketers from reaching out, not everyone is following the rules.

Luckily there are some methods you can use to keep pestering calls to a minimum.

First, join the National Do Not Call Registry at It won’t stop calls to faxes or business phones, but it helps.

It also won’t stop all telemarketers, but it can make a difference.

Tech experts say the Do Not Call Registry alone won’t make a difference. You have to monitor and ignore calls.

Don’t pick up if you are not familiar with the number — let it go to voicemail. And if you don’t know who it is, block the number.

If all else fails, write down the phone number and file an FTC complaint. You can do it by phone or online.

If you get a call from someone claiming to be from the registry, then hang up. The registry will never call you.

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