WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Protesters continued to challenge lawmakers on Thursday, one day after violently clashing with the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) in front of Democratic National Committee headquarters over the war in Gaza.

U.S. Rep. Bradley Sherman, (D-Ca.), was giving an interview to a NewsNation reporter about the protester violence against USCP when he was confronted by a protester who interrupted the interview.

“Please leave me alone. Please,” Sherman said to the protester. “Do I need to ask the Capitol Police for protection or will you leave me alone?”

The incident with Sherman came just after USCP officials said that 150 protesters were violent in their protests in front of DNC headquarters in the District. Officials said at least six officers were injured in the melee and some were pepper sprayed and punched.

The protests were about the violence in Gaza during the Israeli war that has been waged against Hamas following a terrorist attack and kidnapping of their citizens. Protests have been held outside the White House as well as across the country.

But these clashes have turned more violent in recent days.

U.S. Rep. Glenn Ivey, (D-Md.), said the violence is not the answer when protesting.

“Anytime you cross the line and you get into violent conduct, whether that’s directed at police or elected officials or just citizens minding their own business, I think that’s a line, that’s a bridge too far,” he said. “So we want want to make sure people have a right to their First Amendment protest. That’s the American way, but it’s also the American way to do it in a nonviolent way.”