NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Tornado activity was reported in Northumberland County on Monday. According to the National Weather Service, a funnel cloud was spotted and homes in the area of Lewisetta Road and Chambers Lane were damaged.

After seeing imagery of the funnel cloud, an official with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration verified with 8News in Richmond that the area was hit by a tornado. The weather service said it would be out visiting the impacted area to grade the tornado and learn more.

The Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office is advising people to avoid Lewisetta Road and the surrounding area to allow emergency vehicles to safely enter and exit. Their post states that they are unsure about the extent of damages and do not know if anyone has been injured.

One resident who has lived in the area for close to 40 years tells 8News that she lost her home in the storm. Neada Corbin’s home in Lottsburg has been reduced to nothing but the front steps and porch.

Corbin lost her husband nine years ago and her son three years ago and is now without a house. Despite the hardships, Corbin believes God has a plan for her.

Northern Neck Electric Cooperative (NNEC) says the tornado caused a power outage affecting over 700 members in the area. Lineworkers were called to the county to begin restoring power.

NNEC says lines have been significantly damaged. The cooperative has three crews working to restore power.

The Northampton County Sheriff said no one was reportedly injured and he’s thankful this didn’t happen in the dead of night.