BRANSON, Mo. – The Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train at Silver Dollar City derailed Wednesday evening, causing a large response of first responders.

Silver Dollar City released a statement on Twitter, saying that the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train derailed from the track, causing six guests and one employee to be taken to local hospitals by ambulance.

Stone County’s Office of Emergency Management Director Tom Martin confirmed no one had life-threatening injuries.

The train was almost full, according to Martin, who said the state Fire Marshal has been contacted. Authorities are working to figure out what caused the derailment.

Stone County Sheriff’s Office, Southern Stone County Fire Protection District, MSHP, and at least half a dozen Mercy ambulances were present at the scene as of 6:50 p.m.

A passenger in the second car from the back of the train recounted the incident.

After the train tipped, the passenger said her husband noticed the wheels on their car were silver instead of black, and then they heard the train dragging.

She said their car and the ones in front of them were completely on their sides and passengers had to smash the windows to climb out.

The passenger said a man near her had lower back issues and was taken away by ambulance to be safe. She also said a lady whose glasses smashed her face and the woman was bleeding.

The passenger said there was a little boy on the train who was so excited to ride, but after the incident, he said he did not like trains anymore.

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