LORIS, S.C. (WBTW) — Buy an air-conditioning unit and get a free AR-15?

That’s what one Loris air conditioning company is promoting on social media, which has sparked a lot of conversation.

Tyler Wigner started his business, Arctic Air Conditioning, in March, and with the slower season rolling around for HVAC companies, he said he needed to get creative.

“Just trying to think out of the box,” he said. “I kind of followed somebody on TikTok, you know. We’ve seen a little bit of promoting with a similar thing. I believe it was a roofing company, [and I] thought it was a great idea, so the next day I was like ‘alright, let me implement this.'”

The Facebook post had more than 700 people talking. Some people were excited about the promotion, while others weren’t.

Regardless, though, it begs the question: How do you offer a free AR-15 with the purchase of an air-conditioning unit?

“They’re like, ‘hey man, you got like, an arsenal back there?'” Wigner said. “I’m like, ‘no, dude, we’re not carrying these things around. You definitely have to go through the right channels.'”

That’s what a lot of people thought when they first saw the post, but Wigner said they’re actually working with 701 Guns and Gold, also based in Loris.

He said once customers purchase an air-conditioning unit, they head to the gun store and go through the required background checks. If they’re approved, the store calls Wigner and he pays for it.

Wigner said regardless of the opinions online, business is booming.

“People that like guns, they’re sharing the post, saying ‘heck yeah, this is great'” he said. “And I’m also getting people that don’t like guns to say ‘this is a terrible idea,’ but they’re still sharing the post. So, at that point it’s like the perfect storm. I’m getting maximum advertising.”

Wigner went from receiving two quotes per month to about 20 quotes per day after he posted the promotion on Nov. 3, but he also recognizes this isn’t your everyday buy one, get one free.

“Nobody’s going to share my post if I’m saying I’ll give you an air conditioner and a duct cleaning,” he said. “Nobody’s going to share that post. But if you’re doing air conditioner and AR-15, everybody in the world is sharing that.”

Wigner said because of how well the promotion is doing, he didn’t increase his package prices to afford the guns. The promotion expires on Dec. 31.