PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — From the roads to the skies, record numbers of people nationwide will be traveling for the holidays and with more people comes more possibilities for problems on the way to see family.

Holly Dalby with AAA Tidewater says they’re expecting a significant increase in people traveling for the holidays, whether on the roads or in the skies.

They expect 2.6 million Virginians could hit the roads this holiday season.

“Just over 90% of people are expected to drive to their destination this holiday season. However, airline travel is up significantly compared to last year. It’s up about 184%,” she said.

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Dalby says they expect over 150,000 Virginians could fly this year for the holidays, even as the omicron variant continues to spread like wildfire across the country.

But so far, it seems many people will still travel.

“It’s looking like a lot of people are still comfortable traveling because they do have their vaccines and in many cases their boosters as well,” she said. “And they’re anxious to go out and see that family that they couldn’t see last year.”

Even though we may get lucky this Christmas and not have to worry about wet or icy roads, travel experts recommend having a winter road kit ready in your trunk in case of bad weather wherever you go.

“A blanket, flashlight, if you can, a small shovel or even something like kitty litter or sand so that if you get stuck you can get some traction to get out,” she said.

Hundreds of flights across the country have been canceled by major airlines like United and Delta because of staff shortages tied to omicron.

So make sure that like Santa, you’re checking your flight information twice in the event it could be canceled.