(NEXSTAR) – Take that, Mr. Goodbar.

Mars, the maker of M&M’s candies, has announced plans to debut “all-female” packages as a way to “celebrate women everywhere who are flipping the status quo,” according to the company.

The packages will feature “flipped” images (or upside-down images) of the brand’s “female trio spokescandies” — i.e., the Green, Brown and Purple characters. Each of the limited-edition packs (which come in milk chocolate, peanut and peanut butter varieties) will also contain only green, brown and purple candies.

“Women all over the world are flipping how they define success and happiness while challenging the status quo, so we’re thrilled to be able to recognize and celebrate them – and who better to help us on that mission than our own powerhouse spokescandies Green, Brown and Purple?” Gabrielle Wesley, the chief marketing officer of Mars Wrigley North America, said in a statement included with Thursday’s press release.

The packages will feature images of the brand’s “female trio spokescandies” — i.e., the Green, Brown and Purple characters — and each bag will also contain only candies of those colors. (Mars, Incorporated)

In addition to spotlighting its female characters and their respective candies, M&M’s is also planning to donate $1 from every package sold (up to $500,000) to She Is the Music and We Are Moving the Needle, two nonprofit organizations working to support women in the music industry. The brand is also giving $300,000, in total, to other nonprofits aimed at supporting women “and women who are flipping the status quo,” the press release says.  

Through Jan. 15, fans can also visit MMs.com and nominate the “women in their lives who are flipping the status quo” for a chance to earn a $10,000 grant. More information is available at the official M&M’s site.

The new “all-female” packs will be available at retailers this month, according to Mars.

Mars’ latest announcement comes only a few months after M&M’s debuted its Purple character, a female peanut M&M and the first new “spokescandy” in a decade.

“There is so much about our new spokescandy that people can relate to and appreciate, including her willingness to embrace her true self — our new character reminds us to celebrate what makes us unique,” Mars says of the character.

In early 2020, Mars also refreshed its M&M’s characters to give them more “nuanced personalities” as part of a commitment to create “a world where everyone feels they belong, and society is inclusive,” per a Jan. 2022 press release.

“As one of the world’s most iconic candy brands, who better to commit to a world with more moments of fun by increasing a sense of belonging around the globe than M&M’S?” Cathryn Sleight, the chief growth officer of Mars Wrigley, asked at the time.