JACKSON, N.C. (WNCN) — The Jackson police chief said a man pulled out a shotgun in front of a middle school band as they were lining up for the Jackson Christmas Parade Saturday.

At about 12:50 p.m., Police Chief John Young said a band with Conway Middle School was lining up on Peebles St., a residential street in Northampton County, before the parade started.

He said they were warming up for the parade when a man came out on his porch complaining about the noise.

The band told police that the man brought out a shotgun onto his porch and they were scared, according to the police chief.

Chief Young said although none of his officers saw the man with the shotgun, the man was cooperative and admitted to bringing out the shotgun.

He said the man also told officers that the shotgun was unloaded and that he never left his porch.

Police do not know if the man pointed the gun at anyone.

As of Sunday afternoon, no charges have been filed.

Chief Young said the incident remains an ongoing investigation.

He said he plans to visit Conway Middle School Monday to talk to the band and reassure them that everything is fine.