PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Easter is typically all things bunny, but a national campaign is warning real live bunnies and Easter don’t mix.

Make Mine Chocolate” is working to keep furry bunnies out of shelters, and encourages you to buy the candy kind instead.

Experts say there are a lot misconceptions about rabbits.

Kim Dezelon with Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue says parents need to understand the commitment well after Easter Sunday.

“They have to live indoors. They’re not like a cottontail at all. I always say it’s like comparing a coyote to a dog. There’s no comparison. They can’t take heat over 80 degrees, they live indoors, they have to have a large space to live in. No cages, no hutches, rabbits shed a lot. 2/3 large sheds per year, so they need to be brushed. They need to see rabbit savvy vets.”

Dezelon says many parents don’t do their research and more rabbits end up in shelters, or worse, they’re let out into the wild.

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