Hundreds report seeing meteor soar across the Mid-Atlantic sky

WASHINGTON (CNN/WAVY) -- A possible meteor lit up the night skies along the East Coast late Tuesday night. 

Steve Chazin was driving in Washington, DC Tuesday night when his car's dash cam caught the fireball shooting across the sky. Chazin posted the video to Twitter, where it was liked and shared hundreds of times.

He wasn't the only one who reported seeing this phenomenon Tuesday night.

The American Meteor Society says there were more than 300 reports about a "bright and green fireball" that happened over Delaware just before 11 p.m. The reports came flooding in from 12 states, including Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

The possible meteor sighting comes amid the Lyrids, which is a "medium strength shower" that will be active until April 28. This meteor shower is expected to peak from April 21 to April 22, according to the society.

Tuesday's apparent meteor is weeks removed from another instance in which a fireball was seen streaking across the Virginia sky.

Did you see the meteor or take video of it? Send it to!

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