INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) – Snowball cookies? Sugar cookies? Snoopy cookies? These are just a few that top the list of most-searched Christmas cookies by state this holiday season, according to Google Trends.

Christmas cookie fudge was among the most searched, topping out the list in Nebraska, Indiana, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Louisiana.

Some other popular searches include:

  • Italian Christmas cookies
  • Keto Christmas cookies
  • Snowball cookies
  • Christmas sugar cookies

And among the not-so-popular:

  • Lemon Christmas cookies
  • Cherry Christmas cookies
  • Swedish Christmas cookies

Google Trends broke down the search into five categories: flavor, shape, substitute ingredients, internationally inspired, and other.

According to Google’s search data, states in the western U.S. primarily searched cookie flavors like sugar cookies and peppermint. States throughout the South searched “other” cookies, like Christmas cookie ice cream and cake. North Central and Midwest states have been searching for substitute ingredients while many New England states have Googled internationally-inspired cookies, and primarily Italian Christmas cookies.