BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — A Bay County family is making the best out of their new landscape and area still recovering from Hurricane Michael.

Tree removal crews were in the College Point neighborhood ready to take what was left of a huge Oak Root Ball from Jenny Collier’s parents’ house. 

It was the first of many trees claimed in her parent’s yard, but also the most special.

Collier said this tree has stood in her parent’s backyard her entire life and served as a backdrop for many milestones.

She wanted one last photo with the downed tree with her family, except her husband thought they should add some festive props.

The tree crews waited for them to quickly gather some props and take the photo. Collier said these workers are some of the nicest individuals. They worked from sun up to sun down to clear the neighborhood.

Collier posted what will now be their Christmas card photo on Facebook, with the intention this goes viral. Collier said she was disappointed to see the Panhandle faded from national news media so quickly. She hopes by sharing this, others who don’t live here, can see the Panhandle community is still recovering from the hurricane and not back to normal.

In her Facebook post with the photos, she also took the opportunity to say thank you to all the people who restored power, the first responders, and National Guard here to help.