ROCKY MOUNT, NC (WNCT) — As fate would have it, a job opportunity for Jeff Chappell opened up in Rocky Mount. That led to the purchase of 38 acres of land where Chappell and his wife, Lisa, began working to build their home.

Eventually, the family decided that two goats would be helpful. The goats were meant to consume the vegetation around the home. That plan went in another direction.

After the goats failed to hold up their end of the bargain, Lisa decided they could be contributing members of the household by producing milk products for soap creation. Thus, FranCee Farm was born.

The farm is now one of two Grade A, FDA-approved goat’s milk processors in North Carolina. Lisa, Jeff and their son Justin now work full-time creating and selling their homemade goat’s milk products

Check out the video to learn more about the beginning of FranCee Farm and the process of becoming FDA approved.