BURLEIGH COUNTY, N.D. (WAVY) – In dashcam video obtained by 10 On Your Side, the three people accused of taking children from a Hampton Walmart are shown during a traffic stop in North Dakota.

Timothy Truitt, his girlfriend Amelia Hamilton and her father Michael Hamilton were caught by a North Dakota sheriff’s deputy when he recognized the car from the Amber Alert.

10 On Your Side obtained dashcam video from the traffic stop where deputies found the missing kids, as well as those accused of taking them.

“I was like Amber Alert? What? Not in my county,” the deputy can be heard saying to his colleague during the stop.

The video shows deputies pulling Timothy Truitt – who can be heard on the recording telling police his name is actually Timothy Doyle – from the car.

“So why are we getting an Amber Alert about the kids?” the deputy asks.

“Why are you getting an Amber Alert?” Truitt asks.


“They’re my kids.”

Truitt goes on to tell the deputy that he gave the kids to his sister because he didn’t have a place to live. He said his sister then tried to get custody of the children, but he refused to show up in court and sign the papers.

It’s a story that Michael Hamilton, grandfather to the two toddlers, backs up while talking to deputies.

“His sister was going to go for custody, and that’s why I came out from Washington. Me, and her mom, were gonna get temporary custody until they do what they gotta do,” Hamilton said.

“I spent $1,600 to get out here and get the kids, and we were doing it right, I thought,” he said.

Hamilton told police his daughter and Truitt were planning to go to rehab to get clean, and that he would have custody of the kids in the meantime.

About an hour into the traffic stop, Child Protective Services comes to get the children.

With everyone out of the car, deputies search the sedan and find prescription drugs and methamphetamines.

When questioned about the drugs under her seat, Amelia Hamilton began screaming.

“What drugs!? I don’t have any drugs! I didn’t have any drugs! I didn’t have any drugs! I didn’t have any drugs!” she is heard saying repeatedly.

Amelia Hamilton blamed the drugs on her father, who claimed he hasn’t touched meth in about five years.

“She told us it was yours and you told her to put it under the seat,” deputies told Michael Hamilton.

Michael Hamilton was let go that evening, but was eventually charged and pleaded guilty to drug charges.

Amelia Hamilton and Timothy Truitt were charged with child neglect along with the drug charges, and pleaded guilty to both.