Bah Humbug! Real-life grinch crashes Florida celebration


CAPE CORAL, Fla. (NBC) – A real-life grinch tried to steal a magical moment from children waiting in line to see Santa in Florida.

Armed with a giant sign the man crashed the Cape Coral Festival of Lights and started screaming that Santa isn’t real.

Parents say it’s heartbreaking. The man stood there for hours, just to hurt little kids.

“I think it’s a shame our children are faced with so many difficult things in this world that the magic of this time of year it’s taken away from them and they’re innocent,” said Cindy Menkes.

One mom said some children were in tears; luckily her child was too young and distracted by the fun.

Cape Coral police said, while they were at the event, there was nothing they could do because what the man was doing is considered freedom of speech.

“I mean it’s for the kids, you kind of should leave that those adult opinions out of this kind of an atmosphere,” said parent, Vincent Tumminello.

The only way CCPD says it could intervene is if the man was using a voice enhancer like a mega phone or creating a riot, which they say he wasn’t.

“I think unfortunately you’re going to have people who just want to spoil it for everyone,” added Menkes.

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