HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WSAV) – How far would you go to find your missing dog?

An Atlanta family went the extra mile in their search, hoping cash and a car will help bring Marley back.

The Kirchners family last saw their beloved pet on Sept. 6.

“When I think of Marley still being out there — if she is still out there or someone has her — I know she wants to be with us,” said Derek Kirchner. “Just thinking about that, it breaks my heart.”

Kirchner said he’s been searching for Marley for hours every day since she disappeared.

The pup — a 35-pound, charcoal and white Whippet — took off through an open door at the family’s rental house on Hilton Head Island and ran toward the beach. She was seen an hour later, but after that, Marley was gone.

Kirchner’s wife and baby had to go back to Atlanta, but he stayed, investing savings in renting houses and bikes so he could continue the search.

“I’ll be biking around and in my head, I will say, ‘I’m going to turn the corner and she will be right there.’ That’s what really keeps me going,” Kirchner said.

The family originally offered a $4,000 reward for Marley, but Kirchner has since added the title to his own Corvette in hopes that someone might come forward.

“That car means nothing to me if I don’t have my dog,” he said.

The family has been chronicling their journey to find Marley on Facebook.

“Spread the word,” Kirchner urged. “If you see this on the news, on social media, share it.”

Carolina Coffee & Crumbs is sponsoring a “Marley Parade” starting at 11 a.m. Sunday — another attempt to draw attention to the search.

After that, Kirchner said he will have to go back home before his money runs out, but he said his hope of finding Marley will never end.

Anyone with information on Marley’s whereabouts is asked to call 404-444-0569.