ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — The Angels of Assisi rescue team took a trip down to rural Tennessee last week and returned with more than 50 dogs and cats who had been saved from “a horrific living situation.”

On Friday, June 18, Angels of Assisi announced on Facebook that the team was returning from Tennessee with 46 dogs and seven cats who had been found in a house with unacceptable living conditions.

This large-scale rescue operation was reportedly the result of an animal hoarding situation.

The organization did not know the extent of the animals’ medical conditions at the time, but said that many of them had skin and eye infections.

“Thank you to Rescue DOG & End of Life Sanctuary for bringing these innocent animals out of the darkness that comes from mental illness,” Angels of Assisi posted Friday. “As always, thank you to Petco Love for the wheels to safely transport these animals to their new beginning. Together, help is here.”

By Friday evening, the animals rescued from Tennessee arrived in Roanoke, ready to rest in real beds before the medical care and examinations begin. Meanwhile, the person who was living in the house with the animals is receiving help from human service organizations, Angels of Assisi says.

According to Angels of Assisi’s Facebook post from Monday, June 21, the animals are already receiving some much-needed TLC, such as baths, haircuts, and lots of hugs.

On top of that, as of Tuesday, June 22, two of the “momma dogs” rescued from Tennessee are on their way to foster care, allowing them to spend some time in a quiet home while their puppies grow up.

If you are interested in fostering the remaining momma dog and her pup — and be provided with all the necessary supplies — just email

Dozens of people have already raised more than $2,400 to help support the treatments and care these dogs and cats need, but if you would like to donate to the cause, click here.

Angels of Assisi is also in need of Purina Puppy Chow and canned puppy food, so even a donation of a bag or case of canned food would be greatly appreciated.