PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Open enrollment begins Tuesday on the Affordable Care Act marketplace and runs through January 15, 2023. There are several changes for the 2023 year.

Along with groceries, gas and everything else, health insurance rates are rising. Premiums are expected to increase an average of 4%, but most people on ACA plans will likely pay less, per Gaylene Kanoyton, the founder of Celebrate Healthcare LLC.

“You have the majority of the people that are on the affordable care marketplace get a government subsidy, so they pay low cost on their insurance,” she told WAVY.

When Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act earlier this year, those subsidies extended to middle income people.

An individual who earns up to $20,385 can get an ACA plan with no monthly premium.

A person who makes up to $56,360 can get sliding scale subsidies to help offset the cost. And the family glitch is also gone, meaning families who could not get subsidies in the past may now qualify.

“We’re going to see record numbers of people re-enrolling into the affordable car, and we still will get more people to enroll for the first time, it’s been increasing every year,” Kanoyton said.

Preventative care such as mammograms, colonoscopies and annual well exams are free on these insurance plans.

“We need a healthier society. We have a healthier society, we have a strong work force, we have a strong community,” Kanoyton said.

Kanoyton created Celebrate Healthcare LLC 10 years ago to help people learn about and enroll with the ACA.

Her team will be back out in the community at sites such as the Boo Williams Sportsplex in Hampton on November 1 and the Children’s Museum in Portsmouth on Saturday, November 5.

Celebrate Healthcare will offer free personal assistance to anyone that needs help choosing a plan.