JACKSON, Miss. (WNCN) — Coming in last place in your fantasy football league sometimes ends up in jokes from fellow players, but for others — an embarrassing punishment.

That was the case for Lee Sanderlin, a Mississippi reporter for the Clarion-Ledger and avid fantasy football player. Sanderlin was the unlucky last place finisher in his 2020 fantasy football league. His punishment: spend 24 hours at a Waffle House.

But there was a catch, for every waffle that Sanderlin ate, one hour was knocked off of the time he had to spend at the popular eatery.

Before documenting his journey in powering through Waffle House’s pretty large waffles, he let everyone know that the punishment was his idea because he was sure he would not come in last place. But, alas.

The ordeal turned to be pretty funny and thousands followed his tweets which included photos of plates cleaned of waffles, half-eaten waffles and random photos and thoughts of what he observed during his time there. It was almost like everyone was there with Sanderlin, watching him try to put down the waffles, which he says he will never eat again.

Sanderlin’s punishment began at 4:07 p.m. central time at a Waffle House in Brandon, Mississippi. Along with him — books, magazines, podcasts, and obviously a pretty impressive stomach.

He began with two waffles. According to time stamps on Twitter, Sanderlin’s first two waffles were down in about 17 minutes.

About an hour-and-a-half in, Sanderlin was four waffles down. It was around this time where he began to feel as he put it, “immense discomfort”.

“Please, somebody launch me into the sun,” he said.

When two young children made their music choice at Waffle House’s popular touch tunes machine, Sanderlin was motivated to put down another waffle. The song: Eye of the Tiger. What a fitting song to motivate someone to eat the floury goodness covered in syrup.

About two-and-a-half hours later, waffle number five hit the table for Sanderlin, which he unfortunately struggled with finishing.

A 45 minute break and an observation of an interesting individual outside of Waffle House stood between Sanderlin and waffle number six.

Puking was allowed by the league’s commissioner, which Sanderlin took advantage of. But not before observers on Twitter began to clown his pretty putrid fantasy football roster courtesy of ESPN Fantasy Football.

His quarterback, Carson Wentz finished 22nd in fantasy football rankings last season, running back Darrell Henderson Jr. was 36th, tight end Harrison Bryant was 42nd and running back Joshua Kelley was 60th, respectfully.

Simply, he had a team full of underachieving players, which a couple of bright spots such as Carolina Panthers receiver DJ Moore and Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs. Therefore, if you’re a fantasy football player yourself, it’s easy to see why he came in last place, even without seeing everyone else’s team.

Nearly eight hours later, Sanderlin ordered waffle number seven, but even with more motivational tunes, he couldn’t finish it.

“Full of waffles but devoid of life,” Sanderlin said.

After letting waffle number seven stare at him for three hours, according to Sanderlin, he finally finished it. Which, naturally was the worst tasting one.

Around 6:26 a.m. central time, Sanderlin got to waffle number nine, but not before another roadblock.

But finally, 15 hours later, waffle nine was done and his punishment was done.

Many people on Twitter commented on how Sanderlin’s journey via Twitter thread was the most entertaining they’d ever read. Others commented about how they were thoroughly entertained and were with Sanderlin throughout the entire last place punishment.

Nine waffles are no joke, though it was truly entertaining. We all should be proud of him for persevering through the waffles, but also not challenge ourselves to emulate such a punishment. That was brutal.