BETHESDA, Md. (WDVM) — A young Bethesda girl is contributing to relief efforts for Ukraine in a big way.

9-year-old Hadley Kearney said that when she saw the devastation in Ukraine, she took matters into her own hands to make a difference.

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“So I saw that there was a war happening in Ukraine, and I really wanted to help. I was thinking, what can I do? I don’t have enough money to donate, I can’t go into Ukraine, but I do know how to make bracelets, so I can sell bracelets to help Ukraine,” said Hadley.

The third-grader dedicates a few hours a day after school and dance class to making these bracelets.

“A lot of innocent people are dying, and I did not think that was right. So I wanted to help them,” said Hadley.

Hadley says she raised more than $800 so far. The proceeds benefit charities, including the Ukrainian Red Cross and Voices of Children.

“She wanted to do something to help the kids in Ukraine, and you know she’s only nine years old, but she found something that she could do, and I think she’s realized that kids can make a big difference,” said Gabrielle Kearney, Hadley’s mom.

100% of the profits go to charities benefiting Ukraine. If you want to donate and purchase a bracelet, send an email to