(KSL/ NBC NEWS) –  An 89-year old man in Roy, Utah, is “TikTok famous” after a family gave him a big tip for pizza delivery.

There’s plenty of places to get pizza, but for Carlos Valdez and his family, they choose Papa John’s. But’s it’s not just for the pizza.

The Valdezes say it’s because of their pizza delivery man Derlin Newey.  They say Newey is so kind. 

He even lets them record his deliveries for their TikTok videos, which has become pretty popular with their 53,000 fans.

It’s so popular, fans and the Valdezes raised $12,000 to give Newey a big delivery tip, KSL TV reported.

“How do I ever say thank you? I don’t know what to say,” Newey said.

But while the story drew applause for peoples’ generosity, the unfortunate truth is that Newey, who lives in a mobile home, says he can’t afford his bills on Social Security alone. He works about 30 hours a week.

The Valdezes hope the tip can help him lessen that workload.

“I don’t know what to say, except thank you,” Newey said.