VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — For some people, this weekend’s Something in the Water festival is about celebrating art and the talent that exists in the area.

A total of 13 murals are being painted throughout the Oceanfront — from 13th Street to 31st Street. The murals are supposed to represent that there’s “something in the water” in Virginia Beach, where talent is born and grown.

Festival organizers said New Orleans visual-artist Brandan Odums, also known as @BMIKE2C, will be working with local artists on the murals.

The local participants include: Carl Medley, Charles Rasputin, Clayton Singleton, Hampton Boyer, Mensah Bey, Mickael Broth, Nils Westergard, OnieTonie, Shaylen Broughton, Tim Rodgers, Tommy Mitchell, and Victoria Weiss.

WAVY’s Tamara Scott caught up with Boyer on Tuesday, as he was working on his mural. He says to be a part of this project is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“As far as the creatives here, there is so many and there’s times where I strive to kind of connect the dots so that artists have opportunity, I think the more opportunities will keep the artists here,” said Boyer.

The 13 murals spread throughout the festival area all represent different aspects of what it means to be an artist from Hampton Roads.

“Celebrating the people of Virginia and making this into something that is sacred for all of us, you know that we can turn our public spaces into this sacred shared space,” said Odums. “There is something in the water here that has created so many great talents, past, present and future. And I think what the murals is for,” he added.

So, once the dust has settled and the last set on Sunday is gone, there will still be something here to remind everyone Hampton Roads is great, but the people here are even greater.

“All the artist that you see creating, you know this is an opportunity for them to kind of put that flag up and say I’m here, and this is who I am, this is my story, this is our story,” Odums said.

The Something in the Water festival kicks off at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront Friday, April 26. will have complete coverage throughout the weekend.