Mother of child in alleged church assault case wants charges brought against day care worker


CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Investigators spent much of Thursday at Deep Creek United Methodist Church Child Care Center trying to piece together claims of physical assaults against children.

10 On Your Side spoke with a mother who says her 2-year-old son was physically assaulted at the church. After that alleged assault was reported, other allegations have surfaced.   

Sara Jacobs says she knew that when it happened, she had to report it. 

Jacobs came to 10 On Your Side because she says she doesn’t want this to happen to any other child and wants to let people know this can happen anywhere.

With tears welling in her eyes, Jacob explained what happened after the incident.

“My son woke up that night, and the next nights with night terrors screaming bloody murder, yelling ‘don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me.'” 

Jacobs claims her son Noah had night terrors the day he came home with a 3-inch abrasion on his back. 

Her husband confronted Noah’s teacher when he picked him up.

“She told my husband straight to his face, ‘I grabbed him by the wrist, and drug him out from under the table, and he was supposed to be in time out, and he wasn’t listening, and made the marks on his back, and my husband said that was unacceptable.'”

That was on June 11, and the Jacobs immediately filed a complaint with the Chesapeake Department of Human Services. 

The daycare was informed the next day that Child Protective Services was investigating.

On Thursday, 10 On Your Side found an investigator at the Church Day Care, which we are told is the third such visit.

Deep Creek United Methodist Church Child Care Trustee Ted Ambrose told 10 On Your Side on Wednesday that they discovered and reported a case of possible choking.

“There was an alleged event where an employee touched a child’s neck, allegedly, and that is under investigation and has been reported by us to them.”

10 O asked Sara what should have happened in the incident involving Noah, “They should have moved the table, or talk to him nicely, or try to coax him out … there is no reason for any child care worker to put a hand on any child whatsoever.”

Jacobs says she wants investigators to “hold accountable the people who need to be held accountable.” 

She wouldn’t go so far to say she wants the daycare closed down, but she does think it’s a criminal matter.

“I do believe that … (Noah’s teacher should be charged) and any other person who works there who has laid a hand on an innocent child.”

Deep Creek United Methodist is a church daycare, and Jacobs thinks about this spiritually, “The Bible says Jesus says welcome the children, don’t beat the children.”

In the face of mounting criticism, it appears Deep Creek United Methodist Church has pulled down its Facebook page.

On Wednesday, 10 On Your Side reported on a father who claims Tabasco or hot sauce was put in the mouths of children who bit others to stop them from biting. 

The church vestry claimed they knew nothing about this practice, but on Thursday they now realize it is true, and are investigating the extent of that practice.

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