IMPERIAL, Mo. (FOX 2) — A Missouri boy is playing a major role in a national campaign to raise awareness for Down syndrome.

One-year-old Cooper Coleman is getting his picture on the big video screen in Times Square and if he can make it there, he’ll make it anywhere.

“It’s pretty neat, its crazy,” Cooper’s mom Amanda Coleman said.

Cooper Coleman’s picture will be included in the national Down syndrome society’s annual Times Square video. The picture was taken by his mom when they were at a park. Family members sent Amanda and Craig a link to the society which was looking for photos to add to the video.

“We have a lot of aunts and nieces and nephews that keep telling us aww that baby needs to be in pictures and he needs to be in this and we thought what the heck we’ll send it in and see what happens,” Craig said.

Cooper will have his face in the bright lights of Times Square along with dozens of other people with Down syndrome.

“It’s like a very surreal thing when you think about all the things that have taken place in Times Square on that video jumbotron,” Cooper’s dad Craig Coleman said.

The Colemans hope the message reaches parents who may be expecting a Down syndrome child.

“It’s still awesome, it’s still going to be great. You’re still going to have these joyous fun times with your babies. We call ourselves the lucky few that get to have these beautiful babies,” Amanda said.

“He truly is. He’s a blessing and a miracle,” Craig said.

The video will be shown in Times Square on September 12. The Colemans were hoping to travel to New York to take part in the event but because of the pandemic, they’ll stay home and watch it online.