USNS John Lenthall returns to Naval Station Norfolk


Norfolk, V.a. (WAVY) – Those working aboard the USNS John Lenthall got to reunite with their family and friends today as the ship pulled back into Naval Station Norfolk.

“We left in December and just got back today,” said Administration officer Earl Huff.

The USNS John Lenthall served as the primary replenishment oiler performing mainly in the Mediterranean sea.

They helped transport more than 59 U.S. Navy and Marine personnel to USS Arlington, replenished 14 Allied Surface Combatant ships, transferred 7 million gallons of fuel, and delivered 2,000 pallets of vital stores and supplies.

“We fuel them so they can stay on station and complete their mission, so our mission is basically to help them complete their mission,” said 3rd officer Maya Lindeman.

Those working on the oiler say they are happy to be home.

“It was a hard deployment. We did our job. We did what were sent to do. We got extended a couple of times, but we persevered and got the job done,” said able-bodied seaman Kate Schmid. 

And many already had plans for what they’re going to do now that they’re back.

“Hang out together that’s all. Spend together every single day, that’s about it,” said Huff.

“The first thing I’m going to do after we get liberty is I’m going away with my family, get my mail, and get something to eat,” said Scmid.

The deployment lasted seven months.

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