WASHINGTON (WAVY) — The Pentagon released on Saturday that the military travel ban for international and domestic flights is extended due to the coronavirus.

Originally scheduled to be lifted on May 11, on Monday Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper approved the extension to June 30.

A statement from the DoD read, “While the Department acknowledges that this order will have great impact on our service members and their families who are looking to proceed with their lives, the rapidly changing environment has created significant risks to service members, as the DOD continues personnel movements and travel. The decision was made in order to protect U.S. personnel and preserve the operational readiness of our global force.”

While the ban currently includes those moving to new permanent duty stations, the information released says that summer is the primary time for military personnel to move as a result of order changes. This will be taken into consideration but moves are expected to take longer.

Click here to read the specific guidance from the Secretary of Defense. The DoD also provided additional information in an FAQ section.

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