Honduras (WAVY) — U.S. Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) completed its second mission stop Wednesday in Honduras.

The hospital ship completed its Continuing Promise 2022 in Puerto Cortes, Honduras during the seven-day visit. The medical team, consisting of U.S., Honduran and partner nation military personnel and civilian medical professionals, provided care to over 1,505 patients from communities across the region.

Personnel also conducted 105 laboratory tests, ran 61 x-rays, completed 20 ultrasounds and performed 23 surgeries.

During the mission stop, the Continuing Promise team collaborated with local government officials and domestic and international non-governmental organizations to expand capacity and capability while learning from each other.

Additionally, the mission conducted a day of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief training,

Since the inauguration of Continuing Promise in 2007, Comfort medical teams have treated more than 484,000 patients, which comprises over 83% of the patients treated during all Continuing Promise missions, and conducted more than 7,400 surgeries, including over 800 surgeries during the 2010 earthquake relief mission in Haiti.