VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Naval Security Forces on the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story are investigating a traffic stop that left a Navy sailor dead.

Police say they attempted to make a traffic stop for a person driving erratically inside the base around 10 p.m. on Friday, when the driver tried to flee authorities and exit Gate 5.

Security officials then deployed automatic barriers to prevent the driver from exiting the base.

Seeing the barriers being deployed, the driver reportedly tried to avoid them and struck a gas pump at a nearby Navy Exchange Mini Mart.

The pump was damaged, but reports say there was no fire.

The driver of the vehicle then began to flee on foot. When officials attempted to stop the suspect, a brief struggle ensued.

Officials claim the suspect assaulted security personnel, and was shot and killed in the process.

Authorities have not released the name of the sailor.

Two Navy security personnel were treated on the scene for minor injuries.

Navy Criminal Security Services is currently investigating the incident and no further details are available at this time.

Virginia Beach police responded to the incident and are assisting in the investigation.

A fellow sailor and WAVY News viewer captured video of the chase during the incident.

Matvei Patrikeyev tells 10 On Your Side he couldn’t believe what he was seeing last night as he was headed off of Little Creek base to get something to eat.

“I really didn’t hope for that ending,” Patrikeyev said. “I really hoped they would have gotten him, but they did what they did.”

Patrikeyev caught a lot of it on video.

“He was already on the Mini Mart fuel station plaza just speeding and circling though the gas pumps like they were cones,” Patrikeyev said.

The car then slammed into a gas pump. “I thought he was dead,” Patrikeyev said. “I honestly thought from that impact that he died.”

But somehow the suspect crawled out the passenger side of the car. He was surrounded by police, Patrikeyev said.

“My thoughts were he is going to stay down, but something in his mind told him to get up,” Patrikeyev added.

For the next several minutes the suspect ran in circle around officers as they gave chase, said Patrikeyev, and they ran out of sight. Four minutes later he says he heard four shots.

“I thought they were warning shots,” he said. It turns out they weren’t.

Patrikeyev says knowing a fellow sailor was killed is just a sad ending all the way around.

“No way did I think that it was going to end up in his death,” he added. “I thought he is going to jail and definitely he is doing time. I didn’t think they were going to kill him.”

Patrikeyev clarified that his opinions on the incident were his and do not reflect that Navy as officials conducts an investigation into what occurred.