CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — When Victoria Bullard and her husband were buying their house in Deep Creek two years ago, everyone involved knew it needed repairs, but the deal did not fall through.

Instead, the floor did, beginning six months ago.

A local VFW post is answering the call after seeing our original story from March 18.

“It means a lot just the fact that someone is willing to step in and help, and the fact that they’re military-based means a lot to me,” Bullard said in a follow-up interview Wednesday.

Bullard and her husband can’t live in their house that they bought for $280,000. The floor began to crumble and fall in late last summer.

They got a termite inspection and a home inspection before closing. Their paperwork calls for the repair and replacement of rotted wood in the crawl space. Bullard says the repairs will run at least $18,000 on top of what the couple paid for the house in the first place. As we showed you two weeks ago, no one involved wants to take responsibility.

“I watched [the WAVY report] several times,” said Jose Vasquez, commander of the Jonathan Killian Dozier Memorial Post 2894 of the VFW. “Things that were supposed to have been done, weren’t. So now we come in.”

Bullard will be getting the materials at no charge. With an army of volunteers who’ve seen cases like Bullard’s before, Vasquez says VFW’s motto is to honor the fallen by helping the living.

“Thanks to Lowe’s and Home Depot, we can get just about any material we need,” he said.

It’s good news for Bullard and her husband, who’s deployed on the USS Bainbridge for at least several more months.

“It’s overwhelming to try to handle all this, especially when the husband is still deployed and the wife is back here trying to pull it all together, it’s a lot,” said Jim Ireland, service officer for Post 2894.

Ireland says the next step is to get a contractor to determine what’s needed.

“We need somebody to come in and give us a list, I mean, down to the nail,” Ireland said.

And if that contractor can do the work at a deep discount or no charge at all — that would be an even greater 10 On your Side success.

“I must compliment WAVY-TV 10 because you guys do a tremendous job, because people like this get overlooked,” Ireland said.

Contractors who would be willing to offer assistance to the Navy couple are encouraged to contact